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I'm a Dreamer, Doer, and an Optimist. I'm thrilled for you to get a heavy dose of my professional life and a beautiful glimpse into my personal world.

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My vision is to encourage the next generation of women to create an abundant life of their dreams; empower the current generation of women to find their joy within; and to bridge all generations of women in a way where we’re all positively impacted by how our similarities, mixed with our differences, make us stronger together.

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I'm Living My Dreams

From television hosting and producing to being a guest speaker and creating workshops, when I say I’m living my dreams, I really mean that. I am able to use my skill set to bring people’s visions to life and pour into their visions: a dream come true.

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TV + Event Host

I have 12+ years of live, taped, and scripted television experience. From curating product-based and DIY…

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TV Producer

My media career began working behind the scenes and learning all the ins and outs of what it takes to bring a production to…

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Guest Speaker

As a guest speaker and empowerment workshop leader, I bring enthusiasm and motivation to the forefront of…

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As a visionary, I want to share my talents with you, FOR you

What better way to expand your vision than to share it and build it with the right people.  Connecting with like minded individuals is the key to creating meaningful, lasting relationships and building successful projects. We provide a platform for you to connect with others and create something truly unique.


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Meet My Passion Project, Before Brunch TV

Women Pouring Into Each Other...Then Their Glasses!

Believing that we are all connected in some way, Steph has purposed Before Brunch TV as a place for women to not feel like they're alone in their thinking, current state of life, or their past experiences. Stay tuned here for updates, exclusives, and new episodes.
I created Before Brunch TV as a way to discuss topics that my friends and I once privately talked about, realizing that many of them were going through the same things at the same times but, maybe too embarrassingly, never discussed the topics. Believing that we are all connected in some way, I purposed Before Brunch TV as a place for women to not feel like they're alone in their thinking, current state of life, or their past experiences.
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I love sharing both the quick and detailed parts of my life. This is my favorite highlight reel of things happening in somewhat real time!

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Worked client & help on many and additional

The impact of the work is that of which I’m most proud

I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredible people, brands, and organizations over the years. I’m grateful for every opportunity to bring awareness to someone’s product, bring life to their ideas, or manage an entire production.

What I’m most proud of is the impact my work has had on the lives of others. Through every project, I’ve been able to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals, whether it’s by increasing their visibility, promoting their brand, or inspiring their audience. It’s a privilege to be able to use my skillset to make a difference and leave a lasting impression.

With over 1100 projects under my belt and counting, I’m constantly learning and growing in my craft. Each new opportunity presents unique challenges, but I’m always up for the task. My passion for what I do fuels my drive to deliver exceptional work every time, and I’m excited to continue collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations who are looking to make an impact.

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Our success is built on trust and relationships. We're grateful for every opportunity to expand our impact.
I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Stephanie over the past few years at YELLOW. Stephanie is a multidimensional talent with an entrepreneur’s drive to find solutions. She seeks truth and is able to create spaces for people’s voices and stories to be heard — on screen, as a host and in her day to day. Stephanie is a teammate I’d always want in my corner - hardworking, loyal, driven and an overall great human looking to create great things in the world.
Steph is one of those people who, when you hear their name, just one thing doesn’t come to mind- she is an incredible force and brand in her own self and own right- and the great reaches of her impact show that.
I’ve known Steph Walters was a star from the first time I saw her audition for me. She is a consummate professional, has superb deliverables, and always shows up ready to work. She’s beautiful, relatable, and always a joy to work with.
Stephanie has the unique skill-set in that she is able to execute ideas on a macro and micro level. She is not only able to envision the full scope of a project from start to finish, but she is also detail oriented, making sure that the processes, services, and customer experience are all like none other.
Working on productions with Stephanie is very collaborative. She comes with a vision and gives me room to add my creative flare to things in a way that is truly taken into consideration and preserves my integrity as an artist. She puts a lot of trust into me and in turn makes me want to go the extra mile and deliver excellence for her.
Dynamic, intelligent and amazing are the words I would use to describe Stephanie. Hands down one of the best producers I have ever worked for.
Working with Stephanie has been a breath of fresh air. Her “can do” spirit combined with her professionalism made our projects an absolute success. She uses project management tools to keep projects organized and running on time.
Working with Steph Walters has been a breath of fresh air. She's a visionary and the kind of perfectionist you love. There's a comfort, understanding and ease level to working with her that our industry needs.

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